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When looking for a loan, you need to get a loan provider who is easy to work with. You will strive to get most favourable loan rates, and a provider with no or minimal hidden charges when shopping for a loan. This article will guide you through the best ways of getting the right loan provider, and why you should consider getting loan services specifically from StockLoan solutions.
StockLoan has a lending program reoffered to StockLoan 101 that is a non-recourse loan usually made against someone’s shares that are of no-marginable securities. The amount of loan that a customer qualifies for here is based on the characteristics of the security that is collateralised. Read more about StockLoan Solutions. This includes the number of shares that one has, price, and volatility among other factors.
Below are some factors to consider when looking for a loan, which forms the advantages of getting a loan from StockLoan solutions.
You should get a loan that gives you flexibility and ability to get out of your loan any time you wish without hurting your credit rating or having to add on some more collateral or even cash as is the case with traditional loans. At StockLoan solutions, you are not required to have a personal guarantee to get the loan.
No credit report required
Although many lenders need one to have a credit report when looking for a loan, things would be easier if you get a lender who does not demand this from you.
StockLoan solution is a direct lender. The only collateral needed by this lender is your stock. You are not required to present a credit report. You can directly communicate with the lender to receive personalized service.
Competitive LTV (Loan to Value) ratio
StockLoan solutions’ loans are based on the current market conditions, stock performance, the market sector, as well as anticipated performance of the stock. Get more info about StockLoan Solutions. You can get an LTV ratio that ranges from 45-60%.
Fast closing and funding
Since StockLoan solutions offer in-house loans, your loan can be closed and funded quickly within 48 hours of closing. After that, you will get your funds directly into your bank account.
Flexible terms and low-interest rates
StockLoan has competitive rates that are based on the loan term’s repayment period as well as the prime interest rate
Privacy and confidentiality.
You should strive to get a loans solutions that guarantee your privacy and confidentiality as a customer. At StockLoan solutions, this is guaranteed as every detail regarding your loan will be securely stored in the provider’s service centre. It is only you that can access these details. Learn more from

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